Every model gets leather seats

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cash advance Everyone calls him the prophet or someone who will save the humanity. He has to save his father, Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) who is not yet discover his destiny. Unbeknownst to everyone, Marcus wakes up alive in the future. This is another stunning Volvo interior, dominated, as usual, by a large nine inch portrait oriented touchscreen in the centre of the dash.Every model gets leather seats payday loans online, while there’s more leather elsewhere around the cabin and subtle amounts of chrome to lift things. You can choose various finishes, all with a cool Scandinavian feel to them, while the tiny Swedish flag on the driver’s seat is joined by a tiny metallic one just beneath the vent on the passenger’s side nice details.The plastics around the cabin all feel really good, too, apart from the lid of the glovebox, which is surprisingly cheap.Outside, the XC60 is very much little brother to the XC90 it shares the same Scalable Platform Architecture as well as many of the mechanical bits and those you touch inside.Sat nav, stereo and infotainmentWho’d have thought Volvo would be a tech leader? Where the XC90 led, the XC60 follows with the interior dominated by the excellent nine inch touchscreen controls for the infotainment, navigation, climate control and pretty much every feature on the car.The screen is more neatly integrated in the newer car with revised functionality that makes navigation a little easier than before. It also gets added connectivity options Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are options, while you can stream music through Spotify or use other entertainment and info apps, including weather reports.For a sizeable sum, you can upgrade the audio to an excellent Bowers and Wilkins system that combines punch with a level of detail you rarely get from in car audio kit. cash advance

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