Florida is considered a “swing” state

That way you have insurance companies try and undercut other insurance companies for price and increase competition to lower costs.The government has never been able to do anything efficiently and never will. You going to force people who have private insurance out of their plans? Youre going to abolish health insurance companies altogether? Bernie is a socialist madmanI don know the Bernie study you are referring to, but it is clear from pretty much every study that Americans are spending far more on healthcare than all other western countries.1The way the American healthcare/health insurance is set up is one of the least efficient and most expensive in the world.If we picked any of the various systems practiced by any of the western countries we would be saving money because of collective bargaining. In addition we wouldn be spending so much money on the paperwork currently necessary because of the fakakta insurance industry rules and regulations.Also, we aren in a debt ticking time bomb.

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