I like 7 episodes in right now

One of the weirdest is the UFO episode in which some “therapist” charges $140 an hour to conduct “Alien Life Regression” sessions. It actually rather sad how she is milking these people (who are all on medication) of money and fueling their messed up fantasy. One of the ladies apparently has an Alien husband and two kids who she claims to have seen around her city..

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canada goose uk shop That is why this story is posted here. He ended up killing a man and received a very short sentence. That is why this story is posted here.. I like 7 episodes in right now. I thought the beginning was a drag, but it really picked up in the middle, like after episode 3. They explored some really cool plot points and the whole atmosphere/tone of the TV show is just REALLY unique IMO. canada goose uk shop

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