It sounds so simple that it sounds stupid

Is it only me?Though backtracking is possible to hit multiple modifiers in the same chaining sequence, it is cumbersome to do so, and there are several risks that can break your chain. This tells me that they wanted to make really large chains possible, but not easy to do, and not the primary method for interacting with the league mechanic.People are getting super frustrated with the league trying to min/max the rewards of massive chains. This is counterintuitive to the league’s design intent, and inefficient due to memory mod randomness, and the additive (not multiplicative) memory mod combinations.With the bugginess of the nexus and portals/checkpoints, I think it’s best to just follow the original design intent or ignore the nexus.Just think about how the interface of loot memories was designed, and how a new player with no external information would look at it and try to figure it out.

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