The 1800s and designs of Judge Solomon Wayne and the Architect

The Curve begin a crucial series in their push for the playoffs tonight as they welcome in the Bowie Baysox for a four game series beginning tonight at 6:00 pm. Tonight is Pitt vs. Penn State Night as former Nittany Lion quarterback Zack Mills and Panther signal caller Tyler Palko will be in attendance to meet and greet fans.

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wholesale jerseys from china This is a prosperous point for Gotham despite an uprising of cultists called the Hellerites who wished to use the old cursed bones and blood of the land for their Dark Arts. A minor mishap in the span of Gotham stories.The 1800s and designs of Judge Solomon Wayne and the Architect Cyrus Pinkney will determine the visual taste of Gotham for centuries to come, in Judge Wayne’s mind he wished to create a fortress in which evil would remain outside of, instead he feels he locked it in. This begins the Gotham esque style architecture of demonic looming Gargoyles, heavy industrial buildings that look like archaic keeps and towering skyscrapers that lord over the world below.The Poet Lincoln Killavey describes Gotham at this point in time, “As if the city itself were an engine itself whose hot breath rained soot and despair upon its immigrant workers.”In the 1900s street gangs took over the Gotham turning the city in to a warzone colored in ethnicity, this caused many of Gotham’s ‘upper crust’ to flee the city for new horizons.So begins the twentieth century and the new era of Gotham City America’s own equivalent of Transylvania. wholesale jerseys from china

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