This is a critically important clinical trial for Athersys

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iphone 8 case Additional patient follow up will occur through one year, and other design elements of the Japan trial will be consistent with a planned international Phase 3 study that has yet to be announced.This is a critically important clinical trial for Athersys, Healios and their respective stakeholders, not to mention stroke victims worldwide. For Athersys best leather iphone xr case black leather iphone case, this is the most advanced clinical indication in their MultiStem allogeneic stem cell pipeline.Healios obtained the rights to stroke therapy development in Japan when it signed an agreement with Athersys in January 2016. The agreement required Healios to pay Athersys $15,000,000 in upfront cash and to commit a significant portion of its financial resources by agreeing to incur all development costs to develop this stroke therapy in Japan.With the go ahead for the pivotal trial in Japan now in the rear view mirror, this is a good time to provide a historical review of how Athersys reached this point in its stroke program and to review the relevant scientific evidence that supports the foundation for treating stroke with MultiStem (MS) iphone 8 case.

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