This weekend, Anonymous took down the site of the Spanish

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replica bags toronto The fourth victim, LC, was an adult who worked for Kelly as a hair dresser. On Feb. 18, 2008, Kelly walked into a room in his Chicago studio and said he “wanted his head massaged.” His pants were down and he pointed to his penis. This weekend, Anonymous took down the site of the Spanish national police in retaliation for the arrest last week of three people allegedly connected with the group. Last week, Anonymous also hit a Turkish government site. Other Anonymous official targets have been Iran and Egypt, but the group is probably best known for its DDoS attack on Sony in early April and attacks against PayPal, Visa and MasterCard sites last year after those companies stopped allowing WikiLeaks to receive contributions through their sites. replica bags toronto

replica bags by joy The Post’s Fact Checker built a guide to help you spot the manipulation. We set out to develop a universal language to label misleading online videos and hold creators and sharers of this misinformation accountable. Internet is filled with false or misleading videos. replica bags by joy

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